Published: April 14, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

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BARZ!, the enigmatic independent artist with a knack for captivating lyrics and powerful messages, has been making waves in the music scene for quite some time now. With each release, he solidifies his presence as a dominant force, leaving listeners in awe of his raw talent and undeniable passion for his craft.

His latest album, the highly anticipated TSA, is a 15-track masterpiece that showcases BARZ!'s artistry in all its glory. Delving into controversial topics with fearless honesty, BARZ! fearlessly addresses issues such as dealing with haters and backstabbers, exploring the complexities of interracial relationships, shedding light on the struggles of depression, and delving into the dark world of drug addiction. Through his music, BARZ! weaves a tapestry of satire and symbolism, inviting listeners to dive deep into his intricate storytelling and profound lyricism.

If you crave unlimited bars, mind-bending wordplay, and thought-provoking content, TSA is the album you've been waiting for. Discover the brilliance of BARZ! and his unparalleled artistry by giving the album a listen below.

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