Big Matloc - Act Accordingly

Published: September 21, 2019

By: Josh Rizeberg

the cover of the album act accordingly

Unless you keep your ear to the street then ya may not have heard of the Pyranha Gang based out of Tacoma, WA. This is a collective of MC’s who make authentic, real-life, hustle-hood music. They do not perform a lot of live shows, they do not have club nights where they release new singles, and they do not flood the market. What they do is produce high-quality albums and videos and they only put out well-made product. At the forefront of the Pyranha Gang is a formidable-force of an MC named Big Matloc. Big Matloc recently dropped a solo album titled “Act Accordingly” which is currently available on all digital platforms, and if you hit the man up on Facebook, he might even have some hard copies left!

Personally for me, this project is the sleeper for the best Tacoma Hip-Hop album this year. I always knew this crew made skilled, polished Hip-hop and this is their dopest release yet. This album is a true look into the pitfalls of street-life. There is no flashy, over-the-top, fake sounding justly-anthems with a pop-twist flavor. Big Matloc has chosen to give us the real; an album made up of all the stresses, the worries, and the pitfalls of streetlife. We are invited into the world of hustling, licks, stressed-out baby mama’s and fear of getting knocked.

The production is simple but stunning. They use slapping drums and usually a basic melody with some illness. The strength of the songs come from the emotions that the rhymes of Big Matloc evoke while he elaborates on his life over beats. Big Matloc has a deep, gruff delivery but it is smooth and calming all while you can still hear the angst, worry and sadness in his voice. He is able to use his breath as an aid to stay on beat. He does possess that classic big-man flow but there is no flash like Notorious B.I.G. or Rick Ross, it is just lyrics and feels.

Matloc’a younger brother and rap partner, Tre Versetti, adds extra sauce with classic West Coast twang on numerous tracks. There was not a project released in Tacoma this year that I listened to more and all the way through, over and over again, than “Act Accordingly” by Big Matloc. Beware before you knock it because once you do, it will be all you will be listening to for awhile!

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