Clemm Rishad -

Tell Me What You See

Published: September 6, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

the cover of the book tell me what you see

Tacoma artist and entrepreneur, Clemm Rishad, poured his heart into a deeply moving single and video last month that beautifully captures the essence of what it means to be a Black man in America today. Instead of fueling his music with anger, he chooses a path of unity and compassion, urging listeners to come together in order to address the pressing issues we face. Clemm Rishad's heartfelt lyrics, combined with the powerful visuals in the video, resonate deeply as he addresses themes of racial discrimination and police brutality.

The chorus alone is enough to stir one's emotions as he asks, “Look me in my face. Tell me what you see. Do you see a thug or a man with a degree? Judge me for my past or the man I’m trying to be. See the blood on the leaves. I just wanna be free. Now tell me what you see. Am I a King or a slave? Can you tell me what you see!? I just wanna be

free. I just wanna be free.” Clemm bares his soul as he expresses his fears for his unborn son's future, while also proudly embracing his Black identity despite the obstacles, and offering words of encouragement to be patient. “Put your hands up for a change. Put your fist up for the power. Now be patient for the dream. It’s goin take more than an hour. It’s goin take more than a post. It’s goin take more than a march. If we want to help the ending gotta fix it where it starts: The People.”

The video, skillfully directed and edited by DeadEyez, is a poignant visual representation of the song, featuring scenes of protest and unity at CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle, WA. Clemm and a diverse group of supporters and protesters march through the streets, fists raised in solidarity. Additional powerful images, such as the red hand prints on a white backdrop with the words, You're Next, and standing in front of yellow police line tape, add depth and meaning to the message being conveyed.

Regardless of the visuals, Clemm Rishad's song stands on its own as a powerful anthem that will undoubtedly continue to be heard as part of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement and the daily struggles faced by Black men and women.

I'm uncertain about what lies ahead, but it's evident that our world remains divided, and individuals like Clemm are essential for providing a voice amid the chaos..

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