Cole Z -COVID 19

Published: April 10, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

the cover of cole z covid 19

Tacoma artist, Cole Z, has finally dropped a single talking about COVID-19 and it’s everything we hoped for and more! Cole Z is known for his lyricism and wordplay and he doesn’t disappoint here.

Produced by T. Major, Cole takes the beat and kills it with his smooth flow and lyricism. The beat is ominous, giving the perfect tone of uncertainty, setting Cole up to kill it with his lyricism. The song begins with an audio clip from a media outlet giving off the stats from the Corona Virus pandemic.

Cole follows with the first verse: “Right now, everything’s changed. The whole nation , the whole damn thang. No way shit’ll go back now. We done heard too much of the shit they say….” Cole spits that fire, giving his view on the pandemic and asking questions that everyone has been asking since mid March. “I don’t even know in who to believe. Like I don’t even think our President was ever ready to lead and all the news got us with all it’s inaccuracies. I swear to goodness I can barely breathe.” He incorporates different conspiracy theories as he rhymes, addressing so many different things, including the theory that the government listens to us through our devices. He ends the song with an inquiry: “So many things that I need to address but there’s so little time on my breath. So I do ask, How do you feel about COVID and everything that we’ve been told in this bitch?”

Check out the powerful song below!

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