Cole Z -Bad Guy

Published: June 9, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

a man walking down a street with the words bad guy

Cole Z's latest single, “Bad Guy” is a track that we have been waiting for! He lays it all out on the table as far as how he feels about the music industry, specifically “mumble rappers.”

Anyone who knows Cole, can easily say that “Bad Guy” is the opposite of who Cole Z is, which is why this track is so great. We get an insight on a different side of Cole - willing to be a bad guy if he needs to be.

The intensity of his flow is unparalleled, the lyrics are raw and unapologetic, and it's clear that Cole is on a mission to make a statement with this track. Don't miss out on experiencing the passion and power behind “Bad Guy.”

Watch the video below and witness an artist at the top of his game.

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