DJ the Rapper - The Man

Published: May 17, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

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DJ the Rapper, a talented young artist hailing from the heart of Nashville, TN, has poured his soul into his music, tirelessly perfecting his craft with a dedication that matches even the most seasoned veterans in the industry. Despite his tender age of 16, DJ is already making waves and it's only the beginning of his journey. It is clear that his star will only continue to rise as he matures and refines his artistry.

On a special day like Mother's Day, DJ released a touching new single titled “The Man,” a poignant tribute to the woman who has been his guiding light and source of strength throughout his life. The single resonates with warmth and emotion, prompting listeners to reach out to their own mothers in a flood of affection and appreciation.

The accompanying music video, expertly directed by Karltin Bankz, opens with a heartfelt Instagram clip of DJ proudly sharing his first substantial earnings with his mother. The visuals unfold to showcase DJ presenting his mother with lavish gifts, including a new home, stacks of money, dazzling jewelry, and even a sleek new car. It is evident that DJ the Rapper holds profound love and reverence for the woman who has nurtured and inspired him, as expressed in the heartfelt lyrics: “You ain't never ever gotta worry no more. Grindin' til she never gotta worry no more. That's just how she made me. I'm the man but I'm still my momma baby.”

The video is a testament to the unbreakable bond between a mother and son, a bond that transcends material possessions and speaks volumes about the depth of DJ's gratitude and admiration for his mother. Make sure to follow DJ the Rapper and experience the touching video for yourself. It is sure to tug at your heartstrings and remind you of the immeasurable value of a mother's love.

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