Doughkain - Specific Taste

Published: September 12, 2020

By: Josh Rizeberg

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Doughkain has been one of Tacoma’s dopest and most liked MC’s for 20+ years now. To call him consistent is an understatement. He does not flood the scene with music, however he cultivates well-thought out, cohesive, topical projects that he drops maybe a couple times a year. He also has a knack for finding younger artists to put-on. Dough is a local-celebrity and can easily call upon other Tacoma heavyweights for guest-verses. What is special though is that instead of relying on those connections he chooses to spotlight his

neighborhood homies and shines light on the up-comers. There is also something richer and deeper about Doughkain’s brand of Hip Hop.

For me, I hear, see, and feel the Blues when I experience Dough’s music. He is a well of creativity. There is so much pain and experience in his gravely, yet musical voice that his sound reminds me of nutritious, ancient, mineral water from a Spring reaching down to the depths of the earth. Drawing all the healthy-salts that give H2O it’s life producing qualities.

His latest project is titled “Specific Taste” and is available on all digital-sites. The album starts out with probably the best-known guests on the album, Don James and Kalieb Nash. “Got Her” is spacey, slow-paced, with an R&B hook laced beautifully by Nash. Dough goes in on the verses about the ups and downs of going after a woman. It is a grown-up take on relationships. Don comes in on the same tip, giving out game for men and women alike. Take it in cause there is true tales in these rhymes we can all learn from.

The third track is called “Same Thing” and Doughkain is singing on the hook and he is killing it. It is impressive to hear the richness of his singing-voice. This is another laid-back banger, smoothed-out, and only runs under 2 minutes. Just enough to showcase all of Dough’s skills.

By the fourth song, it is clear what the theme of this album is, and it is a project for grown-folks loving on each other. 5StarrGrizzy sings on this song and also appears on 6 of the 13 songs. The 7th song in, titled “You Don’t Know” is 1 of the most syrupy, drippy, love-songs I can remember listening to. It is covered in perfume and cologne, sweat, tears, and lovel-juice. If you do not slow-dance and squeeze someone to this song then the quarantine has really got to ya. “I’m just trying to be heard. You just want to be seen. Always causing a scene. Imperfect person ain’t no soul in that make-up and expensive purses. I fight from the heart cause at least that’s worth it. Do you know what yo worth is?” Yeah, he goes that deep with it. Doughkain and 5StarrGrizzy really vibe off each other and create an album that both men and women can enjoy.

5Starr has an electric voice that uses auto-tune just enough to keep it interesting but never annoying. The pitch of Grizzy’s voice contrasting with the baritone and rawness of Doughkain’s voice creates a dichotomy that is extremely musically satisfying. This album hits on all the ups and downs that comes with relationships. It is lover-music but there is nothing pop about it.

All in all there is nothing to skip on this album. Even though every song is for macking they all bang and that is what matters. Be sure to give Doughkain his flowers while he is active cause he is one of greats to ever do it from our region.

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