Easiah x X-Raided x BARZ! x Nemo Di’Nero - Through The Rain

Published: September 16, 2019

By: Josh Rizeberg

through the rain cover art

Easiah, the Prince of the Eastside, is back with a big single enlisting help from X-Raided (a nationally-known, by way of Sacramento, recording artist), Tacoma’s own BARZ!, and Nemo D’Nero (who is Easiah’s brother). The title of the track is “Through the Rain” and it is an inspirational song about overcoming life’s hardships and struggles. The beat has a classic, MOB sound rolling through dark, soggy streets of Tac’ feel. First up spitting is Easiah. Easiah is more than just an MC. He is a community leader who is part peer-mentor, part rapper and part family man. Currently Easiah is fixing up the old awl Potrero, which is a nightclub that him and many cohorts got their start on performing live for the tough, underground, Hip-hop crowds of Eastside Tacoma. Easiah’s tale on the mic sounds somewhat autobiographical as it portrays the story of a young, street cat trying to get by.

The second verse is X-Raided who is enjoying his freedom which has been a long time coming. He is reinvigorated, dropping a nationally- distributed album and touring all over the country. X-Raided speaks on his new positive lifestyle he is participating in after getting out of prison for decades.

BARZ! comes in on the third verse sounding bouncy and crisp as ever. BARZ! is one of those amC’s who is just as adept at being funny as he is at being serious. This track is the latter and the gravitas of BARZ! bars will have yo chest feeling heavy at the weight of his message.

X-Raided spits the hook and it really ties all the verses together. Coming in last and hard is D’Nero. He tells a grimy street tale that includes all the ups and downs of the game.

One thing Easiah has always done besides providing us with true to life Tacoma street music is that he gives back to his community. Ever since I met him he is involved in promoting positivity, neighborhood-restoration, and hooking up youth with places to record and express themselves through Jip-Hop. All proceeds of this single go back to that mission so buying this song is a plus for yo playlist and a plus for the people!

Any profits from this song will go towards helping youth in Tacoma, WA to get studio time and record music, so be sure to download this single now!

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