J. Esco- Ghetto Luxury

ft. Seven Da Pantha

Published: January 27, 2020

By: Jhantu Randall

j esco - ghetto luxury

It’s been almost a full month into the new decade and while things seem to be going in cycles with threats of potential pandemics, rumors of wars abroad and just a general sense of increasing paranoia amongst the public, the question remains, in which direction is music going to go? Is is going to stay stalled in the lane of codeine, dope fiends or is the art of storytelling about to re-emerge?

With the unnerving energy that is propelling a sense of uncertainty, music itself once again finds itself being both peoples inspiration as well as their much needed escape. With that being said, around the first part of the month, Tacoma based rappers, J.Esco Aka King Prime and Seven Da Pantha have linked up and given us an old school collaboration with a uniquely fresh spin. Both artists hailing originally from New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, it’s only fitting that these 2 artists come together to kick off the new year.

Their song, titled “Ghetto Luxury” gives a throwback to the golden era of the mid 90’s while lyrically showing the progression of hip hops maturity that’s finally being embraced as the genre itself is looking towards its 45th year in existence. Both Esco and Seven give a grown man perspective as they speak upon their ills and successes while proudly representing their East Coast roots. The pleasing production, also by J. Esco is only further appreciated as he flips Ahmad’s classic chorus “Back in the Day” while giving it new life and a different perspective. With quite a few quotable(s), Esco definitely shows the influence of his idol, the King of Queens-bridge and sharer of his surname, Nas. While the influence is obvious King Prime still gives the listener his life story in each verse as every track is adding to a new chapter in his book of rhymes. With all that being the foundation of the track, it can’t be too overstated when I say Seven Da Pantha comes in and pretty much blacks out.

Hitting a rhythm that allows his unique cadence to not only let loose, but allows the power of his delivery to strike and wreak havoc on the

third part of the song. Seven and J. Esco have linked up in the past but to my knowledge this is one of the first times they’ve ever rapped

together on a track. If so there is a particular energy that exists when these 2 do any sort of collaboration. Together they sound as though

they’ve been putting in work together for years. Lyrically and sonically this song reminds me of a Primo track laced with 9th Wonder and a dash of Little Brother, as strange as that sounds it’s the best way to describe this sound.

If Ghetto Luxury is a precursor to what the look forward to this decade, then not only are we as listeners in good hands, we’ll be eased by a rather familiar embrace that allows our souls to speak our inner thoughts and passions openly into existence. So here’s to raw honesty

given to you in weed packed, smoke filled rooms with an appreciated prestige that only comes from experience and veteran honed skill.

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