J. Esco- Put Ya Handz Up

ft. Littoral x Extra Folks

Published: June 19, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

j esco put ya hand up

Brooklyn native, J. Esco, teams up with the talented Tacoma artists, Littoral and Extra Folks, in an extraordinary collaboration that fuses East Coast swagger with West Coast energy. Together, they have created the unforgettable banger, Put Ya Handz Up, a modern classic that will immediately get you in the groove.

The production value of this track is exceptional, capturing attention right from the start. The mix of unique beats, enchanting melodies, and captivating piano riffs sets a gritty, alluring vibe reminiscent of East Coast music.

J. Esco leads the way with a hook that draws in listeners from all backgrounds to come together. Littoral follows with a touching second verse that honors his East Coast heritage, emphasizing his solid relationships no matter where he goes, adding a personal layer to the song. Extra Folks closes it out with raw honesty, sharing his own challenges and journey.

Put Ya Handz Up is more than just a track - it's a deep and emotional experience that will resonate with you. From beginning to end, this song takes you on a voyage through life’s highs and lows, delivered with fervor and genuine emotion.

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