Jesse James - Letter to Nip

Published: May 3, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

letter to nip by jesse james

In the wake of the tragic loss of hip-hop legend Nipsey Hussle, the music industry has been flooded with heartfelt tributes. Amongst the sea of songs, one gem stands out - “Letter to Nip” by the talented Seattle-based hip hop artist, Jesse James. Known for his unparalleled lyricism and unwavering passion, Jesse James pours his heart out in this track, capturing the raw emotions felt by fans worldwide.

The pain of Nipsey's untimely passing reverberates through Jesse James' poignant lyrics, painting a vivid picture of the impact left by the iconic rapper. “It broke my heart to hear you died, man I’m still trippin/We lost a lot of rappers, but this just feel different/You was ill with it, they couldn’t touch the flow/‘Yeah he kinda dope, but he ain’t Hussle though’/A status symbol, you was nothing like these rap N*****/Sucka proof, teaching young N**** how to stack figures.”

“Letter to Nip” serves as a powerful homage to a fallen hero, a reminder of the void left behind in the wake of his absence.

Experience the soul-stirring tribute by Jesse James below, as we honor the memory of Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon Continues.

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