J. Stone - The Marathon Continues

Published: June 19, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

j stone the marathon continues

The pain of losing Nipsey Hussle still lingers in our hearts, too raw and fresh to comprehend. The world mourned the loss with a heavy heart, feeling the weight of a profound absence.

As we listened to fellow artists and fans pouring their hearts out in tribute songs, a sense of anticipation enveloped us. And then, finally, J. Stone delivered. The Marathon Continues is not just a song; it is a heartfelt ode to a fallen legend by his right hand man.

The music video opens with a poignant scene - flowers, a blue rag, and an All Money In hat resting on Nipsey's grave. The sound of Nipsey's voice introducing J. Stone fills the air, setting the tone for the emotional journey that is about to unfold.

Dressed in a somber black suit and wearing his All Money In chain,

J. Stone stands alongside his crew at Nipsey's resting place. The love and respect they have for their fallen brother is palpable, their grief etched on their faces.

Throughout the video, glimpses of Nipsey's vibrant spirit are interspersed with the scenes at the cemetery, creating a beautiful montage of memories and emotions. With each shot, it is clear that Nipsey's legacy lives on, his impact eternal.

The Marathon Continues is more than just a song - it is a tribute, a dedication, a promise to carry on Nipsey's legacy. And in that promise, we find solace and strength to keep going, to keep hustling, to keep pushing forward. The marathon continues, indeed.

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