King Leez - Stay Valuable

Published: April 10, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

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Let’s face it, for years now King Leez, formerly Leezy Soprano, has been at the top of the Tacoma Hip-Hop scene. He grinded his way to

the top, spitting under Black Caeser and Marcus Bandz (formerly Young Have-Not) until he bubbled and hustled his way right out the city onto the national stage. Leez's flow has always been infectious. He has a certain sharp, crisp energy when he raps that is exciting to

experience. Even though he has one foot firmly planted in the street-music scene, his arch as an artist has grown and his raps are now

introspective, mature, and he has obtained a full artistic display.

His graphics and videos have a sophistication and beauty to them and it is clear he has mastered all the details of his artistic-persona.

He just released a new album titled "Stay Valuable". It is available on all digital music sites right now. The album opens with one of the best

tracks titled "Are You Down". The song begins with a powerful scene from "Menace II Society" where O-Dog is expressing his gangsta.

Haunting vocals begin to play and then the ill beat kicks in. The song has a majestic yet sinister feel to it. The beat is busy but it has plenty

of spaces and room in it for Leez's vocals to shine through. It is a song about loyalty, growth, and grind. Leez still shouts out our region

even though he probably has listeners all over the country at this point of his career. The first single off the album was "Catalina" and it

came with a gorgeous video of King Leez at a carnival/fair perhaps in Catalina, California. The beat is bouncy and fun. It has a foreign

sound to it with singers La La La-ing all throughout the song. It gives it a world music feel. King Leez sounds perfect as he matches the

pace of the track. This is a good track for people to really understand how dope of an MC Leez is. He is just playing on the beat and his

smooth, jumpiness allows us to feel how at one with the music he is.

I hit up King Leez and asked him what he has going on next. Of course everything is on pause due to Covid 19 but he does have a full

album coming-out with the incredibly-gifted rapper from Seattle named Macntoj, who might have the best album out in Seattle right now.

These two together will be a wonderful problem! I can't wait to hear.

Check out the album below!

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