K-Phi x Lewie x King Leez

Raise Hell

Published: September 6, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

black and white photo of a group of men standing on a sidewalk

In mid July, DJ K-Phi got together with Tacoma artists, Lewie and King Leez to create a moving single with visuals called, “Raise Hell.” Taking advantage of the platforms they all have created with their brands, these three talented men took to the streets of Capital Hill in Seattle, Washington to capture what was happening in the CHOP zone. King Leez’s bar heavy verses paired with Lewie’s smooth vocals on

the hook create a powerful message for the Black Lives Matter movement. At one point, Leez says, “How you teach these children right from wrong, When they just witnessed Floyd die from a phone, cause they got access. Asphyxia or target practice, Either way, these actions funded by your taxes. (let that sink in).”

The video, shot by Chase Fade, ties it all together as K- Phi, Leez and Lewie move through Seattle, marching through the streets and showing the footage you don’t see in the media.

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King Leez


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