Lewie - For My Dawgs

Published: June 17, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

lewie for my dawbs

Lewie of MKF has truly faced more challenges than most, but his unwavering dedication to his music is nothing short of inspiring. Knowing the hardships he and his MKF peers have endured in their own city only adds to the depth of his commitment and resilience.

His latest single, “For My Dawgs,” is a heartfelt testament to his love and loyalty to those closest to him. The music video captures tender moments with his son, sharing laughs and playing basketball together. In a touching tribute, Lewie honors the memory of his late friend and fellow artist, Glewie Sparccs, on stage during a live performance.

His passion and determination are fueled by a profound sense of loyalty to his friends and a solemn promise to overcome obstacles together. This song is truly special, as it reflects the sacrifices and struggles Lewie has faced to share his music with the world.

We look forward with anticipation to Lewie's future musical endeavors, eager to see where his talent and perseverance will lead him next. Watch the emotional video for “For My Dawgs” below and feel the power of Lewie's heartfelt message.

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