Mafi D x Lil O - Already On It

Published: May 27, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

lil o ready maf d cover art

Mafi D has been a rising star in the Pacific Northwest music scene since his single, “Muscle Up” went crazy. Known as “Lil D” prior to that, he’s no stranger to the independent hip hop scene. In the last year alone, he has continued to level up, progressing personally and musically, which is portrayed in every new single he drops. His latest, ‘Already On It” features Seattle newcomer, Lil O, showcasing Mafi D's commitment to supporting the next generation of potential hip hop stars.

Lil O starts off the song with the hook before diving into the first verse. Despite being a young artist, his style and flow already rival those of his older peers. This is not surprising considering his collaboration with Mafi D, who has already perfected the quality of his music. Mafi D’s verse offers advice to Lil O, encouraging him to keep grinding, be patient, and watch out for the snakes in the industry.

As Lil O matures and continues to hone his craft, there is no doubt that he is destined for great things. His talent is undeniable, and with a few small improvements, he is set for success. We eagerly anticipate more music from him and thank Mafi D for introducing us to Lil O through this single. Keep grinding and remain focused on your goals.

Mafi D

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