Manny Wellz - The Tallest Tale of Manny Wellz

Published: March 23, 2020

By: Josh Rizeberg

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Born in Tacoma, Manny Wellz just released his debut album, "The Tallest Tale of Manny Wellz". The project opens with "Real Thing", a melodic, moody beat. Manny sings from the heart. He occupies that space right in between singing and rapping. It is poppy R&B with a HipHop aesthetic. This is a relationship song but it is not necessarily a love song. His voice is baritone so it does not come across as whiny. This track is not a rap song though. There is not a verse on there. Instead it sounds like a Hip-Hop chorus is being sung throughout the entirety of the song.

The second song "Feeling Like" is even slower and it has more of a trappy, soul vibe. This is new-school crooning. The beat has

a Southern, Poppy, rap vibe. It is a relaxing track. Something you would play when ya got a date back at yo pad. Manny does not

necessarily have a great singing voice but he rides the beat well and he does have natural melodies that work for today's market. Even

though he is not rapping, the songs have a strong Emo'rap quality. There is an unpolished, punk-rock grit to the songs that give it a true

underground feel.

The content of the album is mostly about yearning for love and appreciating it. "The Fruition" is a futuristic, spaced-out, ode to the love language. you can tell Manny only writes a song if he feels it in his gut. There is no party music on this album. It is all shareable

introspection. (The Fruition) "Singing In the Rain" is stripped down to just a drum-track and a few keyboard chords. It is the singing version of a spoken-word piece. Very minimal: a voice, a drum, and a basic melody. It is the first heart-break song of the album.

By the fifth song it is clear Manny has the heart of poet and his gruff baritone singing voice adds a tad of folk into the new school

underground sound that really makes his music diverse and hard to pin down. The name of the song is "Expressions" and it sounds like it

should dripping with auto-tune but Manny decides to keep his vocals raw.

The next song "October" has some raw guitar chords and a real simple drum-beat and that is all. It is the most minimal song of the album.

The rest of the album remains firmly in the pocket the artist has created. The whole album is chancy in the sense that it is multi-dimensional and encompasses varying genres. It is a special album that could be enjoyed at a coffee-shop open-mic or maybe even in a dingy, all-ages, punk/Hip-Hop venue. Give it a try and listen cause there is not much like it in Tacoma. The album is available on all digital music sites.

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