RedHead - Super Saiyan

Published: November 29, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

redhead supersalaam - cover art

RedHead has been setting the music scene on fire for the past year and a half, dropping one hit single after another. His latest banger, Super Saiyan, is an explosive addition to his ever-growing collection of chart-toppers.

The infectious beat, crafted by the talented DJ K-Phi, builds up slowly with a mesmerizing melody before dropping into a bass-heavy groove that will have you moving and grooving. The music video features RedHead surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women and his closest friends, adding a new layer of excitement to his already impressive repertoire.

Directed by the visionary YC Imaging, the video is a visual feast for the senses, showcasing RedHead in a whole new light as he unleashes his inner superstar. With each passing moment, it becomes increasingly clear that RedHead is poised for greatness, soaring to new heights with his music.

Don't miss out on the excitement - check out the electrifying video below and make sure to stay tuned for more scorching hot tracks from RedHead. This rising star is just getting started and the world is about to witness his meteoric rise to the top.

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