Ricky D - I Miss You

Published: August 3, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

a bridge with the words miss you written on it

It's been almost a year since we said goodbye to a man who was a true legend in the PNW, known as Big Spec, aka The Bully. The void left by Spec's passing has not lessened with time, especially for his family. In his latest single, “I Miss You,” Ricky D, Spec's older brother and the other half of KNM, bares his soul about his grief. The raw emotion in his lyrics is palpable, as he shares his pain with the world.

Ricky D unveiled this poignant song in May during a song battle on ManListen against Jesse James, and it touched hearts everywhere. Now, he has released it officially with a powerful video that captures the essence of his words. Teaming up with Sideshow, Ricky D weaves together clips of him and Spec from the past, rapping with a heavy heart and a bottle of Hennessy in hand.

Missing you bro, Know you with me/Probably with Big and Pac, chillin’ with Nipsey/I’m hurt right now, feeling dizzy/Pain that I feel, doctors can’t fix me./Lookin’ at our videos, think of the past/road to success never thought it would crash. /I hate talkin’ when you can’t talk to me back….” Every line that Ricky spits is one that anyone who lost a loved one has been through themselves. 753-3679, still call hopin’ that you pick up the line….” The pain and love in his voice as he reminisces about their start with rap and how much he misses his brother is evident.

Ending the video by pouring one out for his brother, Ricky D leaves us with a clip of Spec freestyling into the camera, a fitting tribute to his legacy. We can only say, thank you, Ricky D, for sharing your pain with us through your music. Your vulnerability is a reminder that it's okay to show emotion. We are grateful for the memories of Spec that you continue to share.

Watch the heartfelt and gut-wrenching video below, and make sure to follow Ricky D for more heartfelt music.

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