Stunna Kid - Why ft. Mafi D

Published: March 23, 2020

By: Jared K

the cover art for stunna kd's 'way'

Loving someone is hard, whether it’s from old age, cancer or natural causes. For so many of us (including the author of this article), especially young persons in this current age, and especially those living in the inner city and violent neighborhoods experience loss of a much greater kind: the loss of young vibrant life, friends and family, taken away by gun violence. This causes a mental toll completely incomprehensible to anyone who hasn’t experienced it themselves.

That’s where Tacoma artist, Stunna Kid comes in. With a beat from Jay P Bangz, he lays down a haunting chorus. You can hear the genuineness in his voice as he asks a higher power “Why?”. Like so many of us want to ask, why our loved one and not someone else. His chorus is simple, haunting and deep in a perfect way.

To make the track complete, Stunna brings in Seattle artist Mafi D to do a verse that completely brings the deep message of the song home (as he talks about in his video breakdown of his verse). Mafi goes into detail, talking about the mental cost of losing a friend, and the paranoia that comes with it. He mentions having to keep a gun as a matter of life or death, not just to “look gangster.” Mafi really brings it with his vocal tones also, fitting nicely along with Stunna’s, especially in the live performance they did (linked below).

Overall Stunna shows his overall talent again, while not only being a celebrity barber, but also making deep, intellectual music for the Seattle and nationwide music scenes. Bringing Mafi D onto the track for his verse shows not only the musical composing skill of Stunna Kid, but also just how much talent he has. This deep, hard hitting song proves real music is coming out of this area. I’m sure we all look forward to what Stunna and Mafi have in store for the future (song coming to all paid platforms very soon). Also, there are even rumors of a video in the works for this song. We can only hope. Keep a lookout for more music from both artists and check out the videos mentioned throughout this article below.

Mafi D breaks down his verse:

Stunna Kid:

Mafi D:

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