UGA Rollie - Borrowed Time

Published: April 15, 2020

By: Jen Kreidler

the cover of uga rolle's borrowed time

UGA Rollie released his highly-anticipated 11-track album titled Borrowed Time on April 1, 2020. This project comes two years after his first album, “Perfect Timing.” With this newest release, UGA Rollie showcased his musical genius in a monumental way.

Raised in Meridian, Mississippi, this independent artist poured his heart and soul into Borrowed Time, carefully crafting it over time and building anticipation with extensive promotions. UGA Rollie's unique southern style and captivating flow draw listeners in, while the raw, emotional depth in his lyrics resonates powerfully with his audience.

The album kicks off with the raw vulnerability of “Thoughts to Myself,” as Rollie reflects on loss and adversity, leaving listeners craving more. Collaborating with Tacoma artist LROC., “Open Da Door” injects an energetic vibe perfect for grooving along. “Rockstar” tells a vivid story, capturing the essence of UGA Rollie as he effortlessly coasts through the beat.

Tracks like “Traphouse” delve into the club scene, while “Muddy” showcases Rollie's versatility, and “Iun Understand” explores the harsh realities of the streets. Each song in Borrowed Time presents a unique aspect of UGA Rollie's artistry, from the swaggering confidence of “Peek A Boo” to the poignant reflection in “Days Like This.”

With meticulous attention to detail in the beats and track sequencing, Borrowed Time truly stands out as a standout project of 2020. UGA Rollie's dedication to his craft shines through in this cohesive body of work, promising even greater heights for him in the music industry. His unwavering talent guarantees an exciting journey ahead for this rising star.

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