The Beat Armada Presents:

Washington’s Most Wanted

Ca$hier x Blockrepp Shad

Published: July 7, 2019

By: Jen Kreidler

two men in mugshots with the words washington's most wanted

When it comes to Washington State, hip-hop might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But let me tell you, the scene here is heating up fast. With a slew of media outlets, podcasts, radio stations, and promoters and DJs getting behind local talent, Washington is starting to make some serious noise.

And let me tell you, the talent here is no joke. The Pacific Northwest is bursting at the seams with artists who are pushing boundaries and making waves in the hip-hop world. From Seattle to Spokane and everywhere in between, there's an overwhelming amount of creativity and passion fueling the scene.

Cashier and Blockrepp Shad's album, 'Washington's Most Wanted,' is a straight-up ride through the streets of the Pacific Northwest. With The Beat Armada's production setting the tone, this album is all about keeping it real and hitting you where it counts.

From the first track to the last, Cashier and Blockrepp Shad don't pull punches. They're laying it all out there, talking about the struggle, the hustle, and the everyday grind. The Beat Armada's beats are the perfect backdrop, adding depth and intensity to every bar dropped.

You can feel the authenticity dripping from every track. Cashier and Blockrepp Shad aren't painting a pretty picture; they're giving you the real deal. Whether they're talking about the streets, their come-up, or the pride they have in their hometown, it's all genuine, no filter.

And let's talk about versatility – these guys got it. From soulful vibes to hard-hitting bangers, they're switching it up without missing a beat. Tracks like 'Street Symphony' hit you in the gut, while 'Northwest Pride' lifts you up and makes you feel the love for their city.

In the end, 'Washington's Most Wanted' is more than just an album – it's a testament to Cashier and Blockrepp Shad's talent and authenticity. With The Beat Armada's production backing them up, they're making waves and putting the Pacific Northwest on the map in a big way.

Check out the full album below, and follow The Beat Armada, Cashier and Blockrepp Shad to stay up to date with more dope music!


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